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Divorce is never easy but when you bring abuse into the situations can it can be especially hard. Even more difficult when you are dealing with children and a high-conflict individual. I am here to help you on this journey and educate you and let you know that everything that we talk about stays confidential and is a safe space. When dealing with a high-conflict individual you may encounter more of a struggle than when you were married. I am here to help you walk through that process and to resolve it in a manner that lower attorney and court fees, but most importantly in a way that the children will be least affected. Together we can educate the court and your attorney while working on documentation, strategizing, co-parenting, communication, and helping to prepare you for your upcoming battle while remaining strong, calm, and focused.  

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Court rooms are intimidating along with knowing that a decision will be made by a person wearing a black robe that you have a limited time to speak with. Attorneys can be pressed for time and have cases mounting up on their desks.  I can work together with you and your attorney to help you gather your evidence in a way that will help you present your case and reduce legal fees. If you are unsure of how to navigate the court system, how to present your evidence, strategize and you are feeling overwhelmed and don't want to continue to spend a ton of money, let me help you.  

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Harassment and abuse from your ex might not stop after you separate. He may continue to email, call, or text all hours of the night and you might discover that you suffer from PTSD. The good news is we can work through the abuse and rise above it. (If at any time during your recovery period I feel that it is out of my scope of practice I will gladly refer you to the properly trained individual.) During our training, we were trained in post-separation abuse and understanding what one goes through. Many of us have been on the battlefield ourselves. We have a broad understanding of High Conflict situations and the recovery that is involved. I look forward to meeting you and walking through your battlefield with you, knowing your truth, and helping you to recover and heal.  

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