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Ready to Chip Away

Do you have a friend or loved one or maybe even know someone that is going through a rough time in their relationship maybe even headed towards divorce due to abuse or rough circumstances. They have come over to your house sit on your front porch with you while talking late hours into the night about their relationship and the troubles that go along with it but you don’t know who to refer them to and wish you could help more.

Maybe it’s you…and for years you have been hiding your world behind a closed door because you fear that no one will believe you. Not because you are not credible and honest but because your significant other has such a great mask in person around everyone that no one would believe this none sense that you are babbling. You go home each time only to face the real person the one that you have always known that does not show their face in public and treats you like this all the time.

You sink down as low as you can get knowing that you have done all that you can and have read all the self help books known to man and have bought all the Joyce Meyers books that only require the shipping fee in hopes that in one of the pages of that book you will find the answer that you have been looking for this whole time in your relationship but you don’t, it was just another book that made you stronger but kept your relationship the same. The only one that changed and always changes was you.

Maybe you are ready to make a bigger change but are not sure where to start. You might be afraid. I am here to tell you I am ready to help you, my friend. I am ready to help you walk to the other side of what ever it is you might be going through. Let’s chip away at this together. You are no longer alone in this process.

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