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Court Room HOpe

Everyone has hope when they go into the court room. They go in with a plan most times of what they hope to accomplish. Thinking that they have compiled enough evidence and that their Attorney will have looked it over and will represent them the best way possible. I am not speaking about all attorney's here some of them do have the time to look over all of the evidence and walk in that court room but lets face it some of them just don't have the time.

The way I see it is the amount of time that you have to present your case to the judge is getting shorter and shorter with more mistakes made. The attorney's work is piling up on thier desk and your evidence may or may not be looked at. Why take the chance. I wish that when I was going through my case that I had a divorce coach that could help me to compile my evidence at a much cheaper cost then what I was paying for my attorney.

Lets bring the hope back to the court room while the time slots for you to present your evidence to the judge are getting smaller lets get the best chance we can, at a lower cost while being represented by an attorney.

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