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About Me

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Julie Hetherington

I am a mother of two children who knows the feeling of being beaten up and torn down by the court systems. I have lived in this torturous situation for years and know what it is you are going through. I have extensive training in trauma, abuse, narcissists and how to present your evidence to court in a way that will lower lawyer fees and help your lawyer present your case for you in the best way possible.  The court systems are not designed to take hours learning about your case and details of your life, but I can help you to put essential pieces that are needed together to present it in such a way that will help you and your attorney. 


  • I am a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach and gained my certification thru Tina Swithin to assist you with:​

    • Divorce, child custody battles, abuse and how to get out of toxic relationships 

    • Court Documentation

    • Radical acceptance

    • How to deal with an abuser, emotional abuse, physical abuse and much more..

    • Communication with a toxic person 

  • I have extensive training thru Renee Rodriguez Custody Warriors Blue Print Program to assist you with:

    • Building a strong case based on your evidence

    • Strategic ways to present your evidence

    • Knowing what evidence to use and not use

    • Lower attorney fees while being prepared for meeting with your attorney

    • We can work close together with your attorney to build a stronger case

    • Educating you on communication with ex and how you can look better in the eyes of the court

  • Trauma Certification through The Centers of Healing 

"Julie Hetherington is a graduate of the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program. This eight-week, intensive course focuses on the difficult dynamics of high-conflict divorce and child custody battles. Our program focuses on the intricacies of post separation abuse and our coaches are trained that it only takes one toxic, abusive or personality disordered individual to create a high-conflict situation. Julie will be an amazing resource and advocate for those attempting to navigate the family court system. It was an honor to have Juie in our program and I look forward to cheering her on in her advocacy work."   - Tina Swithin, CEO/Founder of the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program


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